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Winner of the 2010 red dot design award, SHAN is the state of the art of the cassette awnings.

Cutting edge performances, unprecedented design and the parallelepiped shape with the multi stripe effect of the surface make this model unique in the awning sector.

The DTS function -Dynamic Tipping System- enables a fluid opening of the arms when the awning is unfolding and a perfect coupling of profiles in the delicate retracting phase; the DAT function (Dynamic Arm Torsion) prevents any damage to the fabric in the unfolding and retracting phases.

The Aquastop gasket favours a perfect adherence of the cassette to the wall hence blocking the flowing of water in case of rain.

SHAN is only available in the motorized version and can be up to 7 m length with a 4,15 m projection in a single section. Tested by TÜV Rheinland according to EU norm EN 13561, its design is patented in all EU Member States; it offers a 5 year guarantee.

Optional extras: sun and wind sensors

Video: Wind Storm at the seaside, estimated wind speed, 80km/h

  • Retractable arm awning with cassette (600x350 cm)
  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Class 2 wind resistance according to norm EN 13561
  • Design patented in all EU Member States
  • 2010 Red Dot Design Award winner
  • Certified Italian Stainless steel screws and pins
  • Continuous micrometric regulation of inclination
  • Only wall installation
  • Inclination ranges between 0° and 40°
  • Roller tube 80 mm
  • Arm URBAN with DATSystem
  • Maximum sizes of a single section: 700x415 cm
  • Only motorized


Finding original colours to reflect our customer`s character was one of our objectives. We achieved it.
The design concept also comes out through the expression of colour: that`s why Shadelab has introduced graphite as standard colour, nowadays widespread in contemporary architecture.
The use of sablé colours gives the awning a different light, never seen before in the sun shading world: warmth, modernity, technology –in a single word Shadelab.
Discover how the new colour corten is enhanced in cassette awnings and how it can transform the aesthetic of square bar awnings. Architecture finally finds in sun shading systems furnishing objects that had missed so far.
And for the most demanding customers, Shadelab offers the opportunity to chose a customized colour to make the furnishing experience unique and exclusive.


URBAN is not a simple arm for awnings. URBAN is the essence of the most advanced technology and fine Italian design

Thanks to the expertise gained in the awning field through the years, the ShadeLAB team has designed and manufactured unprecedented retractable arms. Touch its marked profiles, enjoy the rhomboidal shape of the section view, feel the continuity of the outline from the shoulder up to the arm end. URBAN is a design object with cutting edge performance. Using only stainless steel screws, pins and bolts and equipped with the most refined DAT System – dynamic arm torsion -, URBAN is the state of the art of arms in the awnings market.



Excellence in motion

All Shadelab awnings can be automatically operated thanks to tubular motors. Discover the infinite solutions enabling the shading systems to totally integrate with your house.

Today automation simplifies the use of our products: wind sensors to protect your awning, sun-wind sensors to automatically manage the climate control of your house, control units to program several scenarios and manage different areas of your house, up to the most advanced domotic control systems.

Single or integrated solutions to extend the control also to shutters, gates, doors and lights, always guaranteeing the maximum operational safety.

Shadelab collaborates with Master and Somfy, the best producers of automation technology worldwide, offering a 5 year guarantee on all automation products