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Outdoor wellness. Designed.

Our philosophy: innovation and research of excellence.

Shadelab awnings are the result of a process that arise from unique and innovative ideas. A process that involves numerous elements, both inside and outside the company, all contributing to the end result.
A great architect and designer who models forms and concepts. A technical department that develops the artistic insights and turn them into technologically brilliant and reliable products. The 3D design and rapid prototyping in resin for the aesthetical and structural checks. A production process involving excellence at all stages: from aluminium and moulding to stainless steel manufacturing; from the extrusion of profiles to powder coating. An internal laboratory to carry out all the tests, where the quality of each component is certified by TÜV Rheinland and where products are long tested before being introduced on the market.
For ShadeLAB innovation also involves careful management of customer service. In pre sales by offering solutions, integrating projects and customizing awnings to every application. In the after sales, supported by a 5 year guarantee on all products and qualified technical assistance. Communication is innovation: together with professionals in this field, ShadeLAB is able to propose customized marketing solutions for clients, investing daily in new communication tools, both commercial and technical. Our philosophy: innovation and research of excellence.